Stanion was born a girl but always knew there was something different about himself.

For many, Trump has started a chain of hate and fear.


People try to buy the property almost yearly. They want to restore it to its prime, make it shiny and

I spent more than $200 trying to make my penguin look hot.

Creative Writing

Please, lap up my tired back/ smooth it as you would a/ rippling pot of warm chocolate

“My dreams are sad because I miss my mother.”


"Honestly the product of just messing around in class one day, but I really like how it turned out."

I took this photograph while on a boat in the Willamette River. I added extra contrast and upped the clarity


This music video is a response to Jungian dream theories

These paintings were done as an Artistic Response for E/H III. They are a series of gouache paintings on wood that explore the theme of losing oneself in nature. We